September 29, 2018 | Waterfowl Hunting

El Campo Teal Hunting with Max Out Guide Service

Written by Nathan YerianTejas Hunting
Feature Image: El Campo Teal Hunting with Max Out Guide Service

Early teal season in Texas, the fast-paced wingshooting that bridges the gap between dove season and duck season. For those unfamiliar with teal hunting, blue-winged teal are the first waterfowl to migrate through Texas on their way to Mexico or Central America for the winter. Although less prevalent, green-winged teal, and cinnamon teal are also fair game during the Texas teal season.

The Tejas Hunting crew wanted a piece of these teal, so we booked a hunt in El Campo, Texas with our friends over at Max Out Guide Service.

I can tell you first hand that the morning comes pretty early when the meeting time is 5:30AM, and you live over an hour from El Campo. Nonetheless, the excitement of putting some steel in the air was enough to get us all where we needed to be on time. As soon as we got to the lodge, we were greeted by Nick, the owner of Max Out Guide Service and one of our guides for the hunt. After getting the game plan and a few strong suggestions about bug spray, we grabbed our gear, loaded into the trailer, and were on our way.

After a 15 minute ride through farmland, we arrived at our spot - a giant, flooded rice field. Nick and his associate Cody quickly threw out the decoys and made the perfect hole for the teal to drop right into. We climbed into the blind right before the sun crept over the horizon.

It wasn't too long before the first flight of teal came in. Cody quickly got on his call and began working the ducks. Nick reminded some of the greenhorns in our crew to keep their faces down until he gave the signal. After what seemed like an eternity, the ducks committed and we heard every duck hunter’s two favorite words, "Kill ‘em!". We popped up, pointed our shotguns and dropped some blue-winged teal.

As soon as the teal hit the water Shotgun and Allie, two of Max Out’s retrievers, sprang into action. Each found a bird immediately. When one bird played hard to get, Cody and Allie executed a perfect blind retrieve. Only one bird completely evaded the dogs. It must have been a fast swimmer.

The morning continued in this fashion as Nick and Cody called in 5 additional flights of teal. All-in-all Nick and Cody did an excellent job setting the birds down right in front us – even if some of us couldn’t do our job of shooting them.

By around 9:00AM the action was slowing down and we knew the hunt was nearing an end. It was time to strap up the birds, and pack up some gear.