November 25, 2018 | Reviews

Gear Review: The Vision Bow Pack by Insights Hunting

Written by Nate SkinnerNsquared
Feature Image: Gear Review: The Vision Bow Pack by Insights Hunting

At first glance, THE VISION bow pack manufactured by Insights Hunting looks to be functional and convenient for any bowhunter planning to head to their stand on foot while toting along some extra gear. Rather than judge a book by its cover, we did what we do best. Instead of assuming the pack offered everything its online specifications boasted, we put it to the test. Here is what we found.

Hike in handsfree and ready for action, while protecting your bow and arrows.

One of the best things about THE VISION is that it allows an archer to hike into his or her hunting area completely handsfree. This is made possible by a durable compartment that can stow and transport just about any size or shape of compound bow. The inside of this compartment is padded, plus it has a slot for the lower limbs of a bow to fit into snugly. It also has an adjustable strap that secures the bow in place. This keeps the bow, along with its string and other components completely protected from the weather and anything else that might scratch or snag it while you are drudging through the woods.

Both sides of THE VISION have an elastic pouch paired with adjustable straps that make the perfect spot for stowing just about any type of quiver. Attaching the quiver on the side of the pack makes arrows extremely accessible while walking, not to mention it prevents them from being smashed inside another portion of the bag.

The waste and chest straps on THE VISION offer support while making the task of hauling a compound bow and other gear on your back feel extremely comfortable. The waist strap also has a small pouch that can be used as a means for holstering a pistol.