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Price Per Hunter
Starting At$6,500.00
Min Hunters1
Available Acres5,300


777 Ranch Exotic Hunting
The African Experience, with Texas Style! The 777 Ranch has one of the largest herds of exotic game animals found in North America. Featuring over 60 species of exotic game animals, the 777 Ranch offers numerous options for the hunter in everyone. Our ranch is the world leader in exotic breeding programs, with the goal of being a self-sustaining ranch. While other game ranches offer limited availability of exotic animals, at the 777 Ranch we pride ourselves on breeding sizeable herds of each species making for a hunting experience that can be tailored to the client's needs.

The Eland is a savannah and plains antelope found in East and Southern Africa. It is a species of the family Bovidae and genus Taurotragus. It was first described by Peter Simon Pallas in 1766. An adult male is around 1.6 metres (5') tall at the shoulder (females are 20 centimetres (8") shorter) and can weigh up to 942 kg (2077 lbs) with an average of 500–600 kilograms (1,100–1,300 lb, 340–445 kilograms (750–980 lb) for females). It is the second largest antelope in the world, being slightly smaller on average than the giant eland. The horns of males are thicker and shorter than those of females (males' horns are 43–66 centimetres (17–26 in) long and females' are 51–69 centimetres (20–27 in) long)

Trophy fee : $6,500

We also have a special for whitetail season that consists of any reservation to hunt an exotic animal over $3000 we will also give you a whitetail buck and a doe for free.... This one lasts until December 31, 2018

Daily Rates:
One Hunter x One Guide Single Occupancy - $400.00
Two hunters x l Guide Double Occupancy - $300.00
Observers - $175.00
Children Ages 4-10 - $75.00
Children 11-18 - $125.00



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